lessons in adventure, aimlessness and alchemy

bodies of water.

It’s been bitterly hot these past few days. 100 degrees in Del Mar, California is unheard of and we were ill prepared for it. Nobody has AC because it’s rarely too hot (or too cold for that matter.)

This absence of a cooling mechanism translated to signs littering the home good stores. BIG BOLD LETTERS reading FANS ARE SOLD OUT.

So we’ve been opening and closing doors—trying to achieve perfect cross ventilation. We’ve been taking cold showers, drinking cold sodas and jumping in the ocean whenever time and tide allows.

The last part is sort of the gift of all of this—my mom who rarely jumps in the water has become something of a pacific mermaid, diving under the salty waves.

This seems fitting because I think she may have instigated my love affair with all bodies of water. When my sister and I were little we’d spend hours at the beach as a family, stewing in the sun… and every summer we’d camp near a lake or a river—anywhere we could submerge.

So it’s a photo essay today… inspired by the heat and the things we do to escape it… a photo essay of my aquatic affair through the ages…

Water Love from Carina Kolodny on Vimeo.


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