lessons in adventure, aimlessness and alchemy

on my mind.

I like to imagine my mind like a map, borders drawn to delineate individual plots… all occupied by things of varying importance. For a long time, I wanted to sketch what it might look like (in my imaginary world where science doesn’t exist and my head is filled with a pantone of colors.) But I’m always sort of intimidated. I’m not a great artist so it seemed like a prescription for failure. I am, however, a great adventurer and as great adventurers know: with the right attitude, all pursuits can be successful. So I ventured into the artistic spaceĀ because it was fun and because I’ve decided that it’s STUPID not to do something you want to do for a silly reason like thinking you’ll be bad at it. Here are the results:

I had fun and it was an adventure. I don’t think I’m a budding Renoir but this isn’t a blog about greatness this is a blog about wandering…


What do you think?

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