lessons in adventure, aimlessness and alchemy

my money and somebody else’s.

Today I had to figure out my taxes… and it wasn’t any fun. I, like most people, work hard for my money. I’ve been exhausting myself by working throughout my full-time grad program and when I assessed the chunk of money I’d lose, I thought: I deserve all of MY money. I earned all of MY money. MY money, MY money, MY MONEY. And then I started to think about MY money and what it took to earn it. See, I spent 13 years in public schools paid for by somebody ELSE’s money. I was educated by excellent teachers whose salaries were paid for with somebody ELSE’s money. I drove to school on roads that were paved thanks to somebody ELSE’s money. The woman who raised me and taught me about diversity, compassion and self-worth will not go broke due to her medical bills as she’s on medicare which is paid for by somebody ELSE’s money. When fires threatened my Uncle’s home he was told to evacuate by firefighters whose income came from somebody ELSE’s money and while his house burnt down, he is still alive because of somebody ELSE’s money. When I was once in danger, I went to a police station built with somebody ELSE’s money and was protected by police who were paid with somebody ELSE’s money.

See somebody, somewhere took a chunk of their money to see to it I was educated and safe and healthy so that I could make my own way in the world, my entire country invested in ME with THEIR money… So now it’s MY money, my money that will go to somebody somewhere’s education and health and protection and fair shot at a future. And today, it’s my absolute privilege to do the same for somebody else.


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