This is amazing! You absolutely hit the nail on the head. It seems that in America we have been so caught up in individual rights that we have forgotten that what it means to be an American is not just securing individual rights for each individual, but securing individual rights because each individual is part of the larger community. This community in which we live, the large one we call America, can only continue to properly function, to be a shining city on a hill, to aspire to be the bastion of all that is moral and good if we do not forget that we are a community. Just as I am an American (and a citizen of the wider world), so too is my neighbor.
I’m happy you pointed out as well that Adam Lanza was a part of the community. The media’s portrayal of the shooter always ostracizes them so far as to separate them from our community and our humanity. This maybe makes their actions easier to digest, but not easier to deal with.