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My 16-Year-Old Bucket List

You never know what you’ll find in old storage boxes–at least that was my takeaway from a recent weekend spent at my parent’s house. I was sorting through boxes in the attic and trying to find old photos of my mom for a project I was working on. In the process, I stumbled on a box of stuff from my High School years and made an epic discovery. When I was a junior in high school, I had made a bucket list–something I must have done casually as I have no recollection of making one. (This isn’t terribly surprising as I have largely blocked out those horrendous 4 years–though occasionally they come back to me in war zone-like flashbacks.)

It is titled, “Carina Martha Dudenhoeffer Kolodny’s BUCKET LIST/To-Do List/Established Guidelines for Living So I Don’t Forget” and I’m obsessed with it.

1. Swim in every ocean.

2. Step on every continent.

3. Save the world or conquer it.

4. Never listen to anyone who tells you to be practical.

5. Eat Pad Thai in Thailand.

6. Eat Sushi in Japan.

7. Live in another country.

8. Be published.

9. Have your writing translated into other languages.

10. Write a book that matters.

11. Find definitive proof that you’re not really a muggle.

12. Elect a woman to the White House.

13. Shake JK Rowling’s hand.

14. Go to City Lights Bookshop in San Francisco and steal some of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s magic.

15. Go back to Cuba.

16. Be able to tell your children that you didn’t drink until your 21st birthday without being a big, fat liar.

17. Jump out of an airplane and fall through the clouds… Hopefully while wearing a working parachute.

18. Be a bitch until the day you die… At least in as much as “bitch” just means “GIRL who has the audacity to take up space.”

19. Never be realistic about your dreams UNLESS being realistic helps you achieve them.

20. Learn how to dance to pop music.

21. Hold the bull horn at a protest.

22. Never say anything like, “I’m too old to jump on trampolines.”

23. Never say anything like, “I’m not going to swim because I just blow-dried my hair.”

24. Make a world where nobody thinks being gay means being less.

25. Become a collector of something strange but wonderful.

26. Go on a fancy, multi-night train ride a la Agatha’s Orient Express (murder and subsequent detective work not required.)

27. Live in a house with stained-glass windows.

28. Read every Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

29. See a lion in the wild.

30. Be called “fearless” “feisty” “fierce” frequently.


3 Responses to “My 16-Year-Old Bucket List”

  1. Jenevieve

    I love this so much. Also, you can cross #30 off the list…


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