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Bringing Wanderlust Home: DIY Project 1

If wandering is my first love then nesting is most certainly my second. My two disparate loves can be difficult to reconcile. Cuddling up with a book on my couch with my music flowing through my speakers as I sip tea from my favorite cup is pretty near heavenly but it’s nothing like getting lost in borrowed cities. So how do I bring nesting and wandering together? By getting a little bit crafty.

When traveling, I have an obsession with collecting postcards, antique photos of strangers, small prints, ticket stubs, museum brochures and aged posters–I have never had any concrete idea of what I would do with this collection so it sat in a clear storage crate under my bed and when I ached for adventure, I’d pull it out and sort through the 100s of items–warmly reflecting on how I came to get each one.

That model had to go. These items are way too awesome to be collecting dust so I started searching for a cool display idea. I wanted a display that I could constantly curate–rotating items as I was so inspired. I went with the most simple idea but it turned out perfectly and allows me to constantly re-visit old adventures.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Buy 2 pieces of framing lumber from Home Depot. $3.29 each


Step 2: Saw them in half for a total of 4 pieces of equal length. (You don’t need your own saw–they’ll do it for you at Home Depot.)


Step 3: Sand down the wood (only part you need to seriously sand is the sides that were cut.)20130429-151106.jpg

Step 4: Paint or stain the wood and let dry overnight. (I used a turquoise chalk paint which turned out great.)20130429-151119.jpg

Step 5: Use hammer and nail to hang your new wooden displays in whichever arrangement so inspires you. (I went with slightly staggered after playing with lots of options.)

Step 6: Curate your first display and change often!20130429-151200.jpg

I like that this project was super easy. It takes very limited skill, less than 10bucks and shows off my collection without upstaging it.





2 Responses to “Bringing Wanderlust Home: DIY Project 1”

    • thewanderer

      Thanks, Chantal! Let me know what type of wanderlusty design ideas you’re looking to take on and I’ll do some brainstorming!


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