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A Photo Diary of Sicilia

Beautiful, rugged, strange and full of contradictions: this mysterious island off of Italy has managed to slide self-assuredly under the radar which makes it all the richer for those that find it.

Shrouded in lore and legend that goes back to Greek and Roman mythology and extends into more mafia-esque modern day; Sicily is thick with history, stories, rumors and downright lies but unraveling her secrets must be the job of another wanderer, as I’m more than content to bask in the mystery… And what a breath-taking mystery it is.


A tree growing out of a well in Noto.


St. Peter watching over the stacked city of Modica.



Sicily is the perpetually conquered land which means its design and architecture are a smattering of Greek, Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, Catalan and Spaniard influence all collaged into one great facade.


Sicilian soil is heavily volcanic (due to the rumbling and active Mt. Etna) which makes it especially fertile. The countryside is covered in wild flowers and plants.




The richness of the soil also affords Sicily a verdant wine country–the mixing laboratory at Gulfi Vineyards.


IMG_0321With excessive corruption and zero enforcement of environmental laws,  “recyclables” are often dumped in the ocean–meaning Sicily’s wild shores are covered in equal parts sand and sea glass.





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