lessons in adventure, aimlessness and alchemy



Carina Kolodny is an (sub)urban nomad who occasionally calls Los Angeles, California home. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College with concentrations in creative writing and youth media. She recently completed her MA at Parsons (The New School) in Media Studies where her focus was ‘social media & social change’ and ‘youth media activism’. In addition to her academic pursuits, she has been published with a variety of outlets including but not limited to: HuffingtonPost, Seventeen Magazine, CosmoGIRL! Magazine, AOL, Lifestyles USA, HyperVocal, Yahoo, TeenInk, MTV US, MTV UK, MTVAsia, MTVBase, MTVAustralia, MTVCanada, MTVItaly, MTVSouthAm, MTVSwitzerland, MTV Germany and GoodHousekeeping Mobile. Her writing expertise lies in travel, politics, pop culture, youth, social media, activism, sex and sexuality and women’s issues. She is also the Communications Director for the amazing non-profit: MAKI Women, which seeks to empower impoverished women throughout the Andes of Peru. She was proud to be the inaugural editor of MTV Voices which you can learn more about here: http://mtvvoices.com/en/about/

She can be contacted at carinakolodny@gmail.com


4 Responses to “bio.”

  1. Melissa Rohwedder

    I discovered you (and you wonderful blog) on twitter and find your outlook lovely. Thanks for breaking it down and glowing in a world where there’s a whole lotta dark.

  2. Maggie Beck

    Thanks so very much for liking my post today on Tide Line Still Life. I have enjoyed perusing your site. As an educator with a concentration in adolescent moral development (middle school, primarily), I have enjoyed looking through some of your work, as it is all near and dear to my heart! Best, Maggie


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